Tiffin Service in Viman Nagar

Did you just shift to Viman Nagar from your hometown? And you have been searching for a tiffin service in Viman Nagar that can cater to your daily food needs? 

Or you have been taking food from a regular tiffin provider, and you are looking forward to changing the vendor, because you are bored with their same old style of cooking?

Either way, we have your back!


How you ask?

With the services of Accio Meals of course! Accio Meals is a premium meal delivery service that has gotten feedback from a lot of existing customers around you as “The best Tiffin Service In Viman Nagar”.

You might wonder, “What’s so special about Accio meals?” Let us tell you about the facilities and luxuries they provide you with a bit:

  • You will always get the entire week’s menu in advance. This way, you will know beforehand if you didn’t like any item and can ask them to replace it. Also, you can customise your meal if you want to.
  • We never failed to provide quite a fulfilling meal with rice, 3 chapatis, daal, one veg/non veg item, salad and sweets on alternative days.
  • If you are a non vegetarian, you’ll absolutely love our services because we provide you with non veg food 4 times a week.
  • We provide you with personalized customer care. While conveying your concern, you won’t get irritated with a BOT generated message again and again.
  • Our chef can make you lick your fingers every single day with his 25 years of professional experience with all the renowned 5 star restaurants world wide.
  • You can say goodbye to boring food forever, because we don’t repeat any item in our menu for 14 days
  • During COVID 19 pandemic, we maintained sanitization and food safety protocol so that you don’t face any issue.
  • Once you subscribe to us, you can always expect a timely delivery.
  • We provide you with a completely no contact delivery.
  • The best tiffin service in Viman Nagar has even a better feature called ‘Pause your plan’. In between your subscription, if you feel the need of pausing your meal and restart after a while, we allow you to do that too!

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? What are you waiting for then? Check out our subscription plans, and get in touch with us, so that you can learn more about our tiffin service in Viman Nagar

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