Tiffin service in Vadgaon Sheri

Do you still think finding out a decent tiffin service in Kharadi is tough? Well, not so much! Accio Meals can cater your needs perfectly.

Accio meals provide you with a fully optimised premium meal delivery service. The reason they understand your emotion behind food perfectly is because the founders of Accio Meals too, have faced the same problem with food that you are facing right now while staying away from home. 

So why is Accio meals the first thing that should come to your mind while searching for a tiffin service in Vadgaon Sheri?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We provide you with meals that don’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • You can subscribe once and get rest assured meal plan
  • You can select the number of days as per your convenience
  • You can get meals that are customized to your need
  •  We provide you with a wide range of cuisines at a fixed price for the entire week
  • Our menu is curated by Chef with 25+ years of experience with 5 star
  • Once you subscribe to our meal plan, you will always get a personalized customer service
  •  We perform a regular temperature check for our riders and kitchen staff
  • Sanitization as per WHO norms is followed inside our kitchen
  • We provide you with a no contact delivery
  • You can pause your meal plan anytime you want

Excited to know about this week’s menu from Accio Meals? We will do you one better. Get in touch with us, book yourself a trial meal, and if you feel that we are indeed the best tiffin service in Vadgaon Sheri, subscribe to the meal plan you like!

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