Tiffin Service in Sasoon Hospital

Providing tiffin service in Sasoon Hospital for medical staff members and doctors was a bit challenging previously. But recently, we received feedback from one of our customers, Dr. Ronny Banerjee “Being a COVID frontliner, I barely had time to cook because of my uncertain work hours. While searching for tiffin services in Sasoon Hospital, I came across Accio Meal’s website and subscribed to them.I love how they add a personalised touch to the brand along with a timely delivery”. 

This feedback really motivated us. We all know how the situation has been for COVID frontliners in the past one year. The doctors barely get to sleep or return home even. In this scenario, a nutritious and filling meal which will be lip smacking at the same time is their basic necessity. And Accio Meals have successfully provided the same to them. That’s the reason they adore us.

Some more reason behind them loving Accio Meals are:

  • Timely delivery
  • Sanitization and safety protocols
  • Facility of pausing your plan
  • Premium quality food prepared by chef experiences with famous 5 star restaurants worldwide
  • Personalized meal plans

We are really glad to be a help for the unsung super heroes of our country during this tough time by providing tiffin service in Sasoon Hospital, and we plan on continuing the same. If you want more details about our meal plans that’s so amazing that even doctors love it, get in touch with us!

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