Tiffin Service in Koregaon Park

While travelling back and forth from office to home everyday, I lost all the energy to cook. That’s when a colleague of mine suggested Accio’s meal tiffin service in Koregaon Park. I loved their trial meal so much that I subscribed right away. Now I can invest the cooking time in something useful now or have some me time for myself. It is indeed the best tiffin service in Koregaon park– That’s what Sagar, one of our amazing customers from Koregaon Park has to say about us, and we couldn’t be more happy!

And why does Sagar feel that we are the best tiffin service in Koregaon Park? Let us look at the facts here once:

You can get the entire week’s menu:

Even before the week starts, the entire week’s menu is delivered to you. Once you see what you will be getting in that particular week, you can make changes accordingly if you are looking for a veg menu on a non-veg day. Accio provides you with the alternatives as well.

A paradise for non vegetarians:

If you are a hardcore non vegetarian, we are sure that you have already been disappointed with those tiffin services in Koregaon Park who provide you with non veg food only once or twice a week. You must have been tired of telling them again and again to increase the number of non veg days on their menu, right?

Well, you are in luck, because once you subscribe to Accio’s meal plan, you will get a non-veg menu 4 times a week. Won’t that be great?

A Chef With Magical Touch:

Our chef has more than 25 years of experience with all the famous restaurants across the world. In our menu, you will find dishes that are completely curated by him from scratch. If a person expert in 5 star cuisines is preparing your food everyday, you can expect it to be perfect, isn’t it?

Timely Delivery:

Have you ever been in a situation where you reach home from the office and you see your tiffin sitting right at your doorstep, waiting for you? We can bet that you didn’t. But with Accio, you are gonna have the exact same experience every day where you don’t have to wait for your tiffin ‘til the time you can’t control hunger anymore and your belly starts making funny noises. We strictly maintain a timely delivery and keep checking up with our delivery guys from the backend for the same.

Personalized Customer Service:

If you have any issue with your food, you can pick up your phone and give us a call right away. Be rest assured that your issue will be resolved. At Accio, you don’t have to talk to chatbots or go through a thousand steps before reaching the customer service and talk to our executives. Our customer care service is pretty straight forward and personalised to cater your needs in a perfect way.

Pause Your Plan:

Suppose you are going for a trip, or you are visiting your family in your hometown. No, your subscription doesn’t run out in that case. You just need to inform us about your unavailability, and we will pause your meal plan ‘til the time you return and resume it again once you are back.

Sanitization and Food Safety:

We maintain our sanitization and food safety norms according to WHO’s guidelines. Our food containers are properly sanitized as well as all the vegetables. Also, during the COVID time, we provide you with a complete no contact delivery.

So these all were the reasons for calling Accio the best tiffin service in Koregaon Park. So would you like to opt for our trial meal once and then decide to move to the subscription part? Get in touch with us then!

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