Tiffin Service in Keshav Nagar

Looking for a tiffin service in Keshav Nagar at the best price? 

Well, your search ends right here!

Accio Meals provides you with a vast option of subscription plans according to your need which you can opt for as per your convenience. The subscription plans popular amongst people and much loved by our existing customers are:


In this package we deliver only breakfast to you where you get a wide variety of North Indian, South Indian, and Western breakfast menu. You can select the number of days you want to opt for, and we will charge you accordingly. Here are the price blocks for breakfast according to the number of days:

  • 7 days: Rs 455
  • 14 days: Rs 899
  • 28 days: Rs 1799


Our lunch menu gives your testbeds a taste of probably every part of India, as well as Indo-Chinese and continental dishes sometimes. If you are looking for a tiffin service in Keshav Nagar just to provide you with daily lunch, this one’s for you! Check out the prices once:

  • 7 days: Rs 700
  • 14 days: Rs 1399
  • 28 days: Rs 2799


Our dinner menu is always as lucrative as our lunch menu. Let’s see the prices for that:

  • 7 days: Rs 700
  • 14 days: Rs 1399
  • 28 days: 2799

Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner:

When you opt for two meals a day, we give you a complimentary discount for that! Let’s see how much that would be if you want both breakfast and lunch/dinner:

  • 7 days: Rs 1155
  • 14 days: Rs 2299
  • 28 days: Rs 4599

Lunch and Dinner:

If you opt for both lunch and dinner, you get a discount there as well. As per the number of days, the price chart is as follows:

  • 7 days: Rs 1400
  • 14 days: Rs 2799
  • 28 days: Rs 5599

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

This one is the most loved among all the packages. Why? Because once you opt for this package, you are sorted for the entire day! Let’s hear the prices for this one:

  • 7 days: Rs 1799
  • 14 days: Rs 3699
  • 28 days: Rs 7399

Now that you know all about the best tiffin service in Keshav Nagar with a price list, would you like to book a trial meal for yourself and see if you like it? You can do that by putting your details right here!

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