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Free delivery

No contact-24*7 Free Delivery

Premium packaging

Unlike other vendors, we use single-use trays

Food Safety

We take all precautions when it comes to food safety and standard

Personalised customer service

amazing customer service for a personalized experience

Our Testimonial​

What Our Client Says

Being a COVID frontliner, I barely had time to cook because of my uncertain work hours. While searching for tiffin services near me, I came across Accio Meal’s website and subscribed to them.I love how they add a personalised touch to the brand along with a timely delivery
Ronnie Banerjee
While travelling back and forth from office to home everyday, I lost all the energy to cook. That’s when a colleague of mine suggested Accio’s meal service to me. I loved their trial meal so much that I subscribed right away. Now I can invest the cooking time in something useful now or have some me time for myself
sales executive
After I started studying in Pune, I had to absorb the hostel food everyday and it was pathetic. I saw my roommate having Accio’s meal one day and had a bite from him. After I subscribed to them, I was surprised by seeing the variety of cuisines they provide everyday
Sonakshi Gothwal

Looking For The Best Tiffin service In Pune?

Well look no further here’s a permanent fix to your tiffin service problem.

Accio meals are the best tiffin service centre near you to subscribe to.
We deliver delicious 5-star quality food at your doorsteps every day for the entire month 

    Choose a Tiffin plan that suits your need

    The one-month’s tiffin subscription plan seems a little too much? We got that covered already! See the plans right here, and choose the one that suits your need, be it for 7days, 14days or more see the plans below

    Still, Wondering what makes us the best tiffin service near you!

    Check out these amazing features which fixes your tiffin service problem once’n for all

    Timely Delivery

    Get your lunch, dinner, and breakfast delivered hot right on time every day

    Premium Packaging:

    The meal is packaged in a premium way following WHO’s sanitization norms

    Pause your meal

    You can pause your meal in case of emergency, and then restart it again at your convenience

    Accio Meals track your order

    Track Order

    You can track your order from one screen and contact the delivery person as well

    Accio Meals Weeks menu

    See the entire week’s menu

    This tiffin service in Pune shows you the entire week’s menu in advance

    Accio Meals Personalised Experience

    Personalised customer service

    This tiffin service in Pune provides you with amazing customer service for a personalized experience


    Be Our Franchise

    Want to declare yourself as Accio Franchise? Well, good news for you, unlike other franchises, you don't have to pay any upfront amount to do that! Neither you will have to take any extra headache of setting up the kitchen, or standardise your process because we will be more than happy to do that for you. Let's shake hands now, and only pay us once you make a profit. Sounds good? Hit us up then!


    Become A Delivery Person

    When the sound "Bhroom" meets the smell of delicacy, there is no greater joy than that. So why don't you think of being someone who delivers this amount of joy to people? All we are looking for, is people with their own two-wheelers, a lot of enthusiasm in heart, and a big smile on their face. Do you think you got it? If yes, then hit the contact now button and apply to become our delivery executive right away!

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